Industry reports

Comprehensive reports about a disease or a therapeutic area

To provide you and your partners with the highest quality reports we:

  • Collect data from social insurance providers
  • Collect data from ministries and payers
  • Prepare data summaries and analyzes
  • Conduct research among patients and physicians
  • Get multiple KOLs opinions
  • Show everytning in an attractive and accessible way

Plasma - life depends on it (2021) 

In 2021 we published report “Plasma – life depends on it” on plasma donations and using plasma derivatives in Poland. The report presents the current situation in Poland: we discuss the Polish system of plasma collection compared to neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Hungary), we indicate groups of patients for whom PDMPs treatment is crucial and we analyze the extent to which these patients can count on access to reimbursed treatment. We also show what the situation in Europe looks like and what are the trends for the coming years, and therefore what challenges Poland is facing in order to be able to provide patients with life-saving treatment.

The report can be downloaded free of charge (in English or Polish) at