For the patients.

Genesis of the Institute

There are so many patients in advocacy groups worldwide who are full of energy, commitment and will to improve other people’s lives. Mothers who are looking for a better future for their chronically ill children, young people who are dedicated to their voluntary work and patients themselves with a mission to support those who have no courage to fight for their rights.

But these extremely engaged people face many obstacles and so often have to painfully learn from their mistakes. Sometimes they even fail. Why this happens? Because they don’t have enough knowledge and experience to face complicated, unfriendly and bureaucratic world of healthcare laws and policies. We want to help them in these very important efforts. We want to give them practical knowledge on patient advocacy – effective tools, procedures and best known solutions.

This is why we founded Healthcare Education Institute – to educate all key stakeholders in order to raise patients’ quality of life. We believe that together we can equip patients in necessary skills and competences which make them effective advocates and let them succeed. Thanks to that we can change many patients’ lives.

Bernadeta Prandzioch-Goretzki

Adrian Goretzki