The best measure of our work is other people’s reviews.

From many years our work has been highly appreciated by key stakeholders. Here are references given to Adrian Goretzki by healthcare professionals, patient advocacy groups' leaders and pharma industry representatives.


In my role as a pharmaceutical project manager, working with patient advocacy groups, I have has the privilege of working together with Adrian. Never in my life have I met such an ambitious young man who seems to have energy for everything. Adrian is very professional and brings high quality and excellence to all he does. He is also a great speaker and delivers fantastic and interactive presentations. His work with 'Immunoprotect' has changed many, many lives for the better not only in Poland but through ought Europe as well. This is my experience after working with him for the last 5 years.

Maja Markovic, Project Manager, Octapharma Nordic

Adrian's understanding of patient advocacy, patient experience and patient empowerment is impressive. I had the opportunity to know his patient programs and the development of patient engagement strategies to deliver a differentiated and personalized experience to patients, families, PAG`s and industry. He helped me to discover and address patients’ unmet needs in order to provide important feedback to the company. In addition, he is very open minded and very receptive to new methods and knowledge. I would underline also his permanent willingness to help the whole patient’s community with a holistic approach. Placing human values and social relationships at the core of any interaction throughout more direct and fluent communication between all the stakeholders was essential for him.

Nicole Hass, former Patient Advocacy Manager, Grifols International

Adrian is professional and brings high quality to all he does. As the ambitious person he has always set high level goals and, despite the challenges, pursued to achieve them. Adrian has created many projects, on international, national and local level, drawing attention of people, authorities and industry to the problems of patients in Poland. He is also an excellent and interactive speaker. His attitude positively influences others to understand patients' unmet needs and support patients' environment. I have co-worked with many patient organizations in my professional life, but cooperation with Adrian Goretzki and Immunoprotect was extraordinary and highly satisfied.

Dariusz Hołdys, MD, Marketing Manager, CSL Behring Poland

Adrian Goretzki first came to my attention when I was CEO of the International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiency through his involvement with the Polish patient group. He was clearly identifiable as a rising star in the field of patient advocacy. He is a well motivated and ambitious young man who sets – and achieves – high standards for himself and those he serves. His abilities as an advocate were always an inspiration to me and the leadership team for such events and his ability to transmit the theory into practice is there for all to see in his achievements for patients across Europe. I wish him well in his future work - where I know he will be a conscientious and successful achiever.

David Watters, former CEO, International Organization For Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI)

Adrian Goretzki is a brilliant and young man, full of energy and very professional. Under his leadership, the 'Immunoprotect' association has made many interesting initiatives that have raised public awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency and have significantly improved the quality of life of patients. Cooperation with Adrian Goretzki and the possibility of supporting his projects was a pleasure. I can recommend cooperation with Adrian it to all who meet him on their business road.

Artur Tołłoczko, Sales Director, Poland & Portugal, Kedrion International GbmH

Adrian Goretzki is a reliable, responsible, very committed and professional person. During our mutual activities he showed creativity, flexibility and a broad business knowledge. I highly appreciate Adrian's gift to inspire and motivate other people, which is clearly visible in all his projects and activities.

Iwona Puchalska, C&CC Product Manager CEE and Poland, ConvaTec

His education, knowledge, personal experiences, creativity and consequence makes Adrian Goretzki a person who should work for patients and be a connector between patients’ and physicians’ communities. He also is able to advise healthcare professionals how to create positive relations with patients and improve the communication between these stakeholders.

Prof. Sylwia Kołtan, PhD, immunologist and pediatrician, Polish National Consultant for Clinical Immunology

For me personally Adrian Goretzki was a very pleasant surprise, a young person full of energy and commitment for the Polish patients suffering from primary immunodeficiency diseases, for whose rights he fought right from the start and continues to do so. During the 8 years of contact I had the opportunity of seeing him growing professionally, totally involving in his work, a true example for the Eastern European patients organizations and not only. He was part of the IPOPI board for a period of time, building, motivating, teaching other organizations of patients to fight for their rights, to assert in the social life of each nation. I strongly believe that Adrian is a young man for the future, a pathfinder, a visionary that fights for those in suffering.

Nicolae Baldea, President, Association of Romanian Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency (ARPID)

For 8 years of his leadership, Adrian Goretzki has done a lot for the members of his organization, created a lot of interesting projects. Over the years, 'Save Immunity' not once applied to him for assistance in conducting events, advice about treatment and diagnostic patients with PID. I believe Adrian has a large potiential to work in the field of human rights protection, medicine and many others.

Ekaterina Shatuho, former President, Belarusian Organisation for Patients with PID 'Save Immunity'

On behalf of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, and the world of Primary Immunodeficiency, please accept our very warmest congratulations for the extraordinary journey you have been on, as a patient, a patient advocate, and a compassionate human being. You have changed the landscape in Poland, and that has extended throughout the European Region and beyond! Thank you for all that you have done. Please be well, and we hope you will continue your efforts to support the Primary Immunodeficiency Community!

Vicki & Fred Modell​, Founders of the Jeffery Modell Foundation