Trainings for patient advocates

We have had the pleasure of conducting training sessions and workshops for patient advocacy groups and healthcare professionals on a number of occasions.

  • In 2015 at an international meeting for PAG leaders in Budapest co-organized by Octapharma and Jeffrey Modell Foundation, we conducted a training session on patient communication, engagement and media relations.
  • In 2016, Adrian Goretzki was a speaker in the session about fundraising for PAGs during the international congress of European Society for Immunodeficiencies in Barcelona.
  • In 2018, we conducted a 2-day training course for leaders of a PID patient advocacy group in Poland.
  • Every year since 2018, we have organized a PatientAdvocacy.Academy – the first ever online academy about patient advocacy – addressed to PAG representatives, especially those acting in the area of rare diseases. It is a 21-day event containing various activities: lectures, online meetings, exercises and many more. You can read more about each edition in the Online courses section.
  • In 2022, Adrian Goretzki was one of the trainers during the "Access to Care" conference in Vienna for over 40 patient advocates from different countries and different disease areas.