12 principles of protection against coronavirus (COVID-19)
for people with immunodeficiencies

As the World Health Organization announced a pandemic, it is time to give special attention to people with immunodeficiencies who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus infection.

At Healthcare Education Institute we prepared a set of 12 key principles that you should strictly follow at present. These recommendations were created in cooperation with prof. Sylwia Kołtan, Polish National Consultant for Clinical Immunology.

Below you can find several language versions of this material. Please feel free to share it in the social media or to print it and and put it up on a wall in your hospital or clinic. List of available language version would be updated on a daily basis. If there is no poster in your language, you can help us with translation - reach us at

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English version:

English version

Polish version:

Polish version

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Ukrainian version

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Finnish version

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French version

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Russian version