PatientAdvocacy.Academy 2021

Next PatientAdvocacy.Academy takes place in September 2021. This year's edition is addressed to Young Leaders of patient organizations who are actively working to improve the situation of patients in their countries, especially from advocacy groups in the area of plasma-derived products. 

Why Public Policy Advocacy is the main topic?

Public policy advocacy is one of the most demanding and complex areas of activity of patient organizations. It was also clearly visible in results of our surveys from previous editions of the Academy. Fields of activity related to policy advocacy were indicated as the most tough ones.

Patient advocates usually are aware of a need of changes in the healthcare policy, but also do not have any experience or knowledge in this area. Meanwhile, in the current situation, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and potentially insufficient amounts of plasma on the market, it is even more important for patient advocates like you to be able to effectively fight for the rights of patients in your country, including ensuring access to treatment, its safety and reimbursement.

There are some proven strategies and universal methods of proceeding with changing public policy regarding medicines and increase patients’ engagement in this process. We would like to teach you how to do it successfully.

How does PatientAdvocacy.Academy 2021 looks like?

Taking into account the participants' feedback, we decided to design a 21-day programme containing various activities. First days would be dedicated to introducing the topic, getting to know each other better and recognizing the goal of each participant.

Then we would provide online lectures covering most important topics related to policy advocacy, lasting about 15-20 minutes each as well as a short exercise in a .pdf file, which helps participants to practically implement gained knowledge. Lectures would be supported by everyday discussions on Slack and team work during live sessions.

All the attendees will be asked to set your own individual target in the area of policy advocacy. We would discuss those targets together and work on them during online meetings in smaller groups.

There would be 4 online video conferences – coaching circles – where participants would exchange their view and experiences on the current topics of the course in order to find solutions of their own obstacles. First would be a introductory one with all the participants on board, then we would split them into smaller teams with similar goals or political situation to work on their goals together.

There would be also a grant competition with 2 600 € prize pool.